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The Asanas Of Love, Hate And Mills & Boon With Milan Vohra

March 16, 2022 Explocity Podcasts Season 1 Episode 12
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The Asanas Of Love, Hate And Mills & Boon With Milan Vohra
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The most difficult prose to write is the prose that is easiest to read.

Writing on weighty matters is easy, if you are well-informed on those weighty matters. 

But any honest writer will admit—in a cloud of envy laced with a silver lining of admiration—that supermarket paperbacks such as whodunits and stories for kids are exceptionally difficult to write.

Even more difficult are potboiler romances. 

My guest today is Milan Vohra—a writer, to be admired for this reason.

About 10 years ago, she was the author of the first Mills & Boon romance to be authored by an Indian. This was no easy achievement. 

For years, Mills & Boon has had its principally female-readership in its thrall. Several women have described these romances as a rite of passage sort of thing. It starts around the coming of age. And does not stop.

Of course, curious men have immersed themselves discreetly in these romantic novels…and sadly, learned nothing.

Milan’s writing is not fluffy and sugary. Her writing often pulls to the darker side of emotions and her novels lurk in the murky junction of sex, infatuation and other human emotion.

When you add her quick and underlying humour, the mix is something which regular humans understand.

Now that I have laid bare her soul, let’s meet the person.

Milan Vohra has written five books, ‘The Love Asana’ (with Harlequin,2010), which made her the first Indian Mills & Boon author, ‘Tick-tock we’re 30’, (with Westland 2013, and soon to be seen on the screen), ‘Our Song’ (with HarperCollins, 2019). ‘Head over heels’ and ‘Mates, Dates & Double Takes’ a collection of contemporary short stories about first love (2021). Milan is also a TEDx speaker, a short story writer and an award winning advertising professional.


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